What is HADO?

As the world's first techno sport, HADO introduces cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology into athletics and create a platform which take eSport from a chair to a REAL WORLD playing court.


To win, players must take advantage not only on their physical abilities, but also their strategic thinking. 

HADO elevates the whole new experience in playing sports and drives the future of sports!
Who can play HADO?

Anyone who is above 10 years old are welcome to enjoy HADO!

  • 2 teams (up to 3 players a team) battle each other.

  • A match lasts 80 seconds.

  • The team with higher scores at the end of a match wins.

  • In case of a draw game after 80 seconds, extra time will be given until one team score 1 point and wins the game.

For Corporate Team Building, Event or become a HADO Business Partner, please contact us.